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About Our Company

Ceed2Med is a hemp and hemp-derivative supply sourcing, production, distribution and development company that secures production of Industrial Hemp biomass and raw ingredients and invests in developing supply chain partners and distribution channels worldwide.
Ceed2Med is a rapidly growing company that supplies and sources hemp-derived products, serving several industry leaders with raw ingredients and manufactured goods.

We have growing and ongoing business sourcing and supplying hemp-derived products, ongoing partnerships with manufacturers and brands, serve several industry leaders in raw ingredients and manufactured products, and have existing production capability of hemp-derived ingredients through agreements with processors and manufacturers.

Ceed2Med certifies the quality of the products by directly handling trading, compliance, marketing, and distribution of the products in its network; and by only working with farmers and manufacturers that meet the highest industry standards, including WHO-GCAP and many other processes and quality certifications that ensure product safety and facilitate worldwide compliance.

Ceed2Med ’s members have been working in developing production systems for the processing and extraction of cannabinoids since 2014, as well as establishing its distribution and client network in the US, Europe, and Latin America.